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It gets worse, and better…

In my last post I wrote about how my cable television service provider, MultiChoice, had failed to impress me with their ‘Annual Price Adjustment Notification’ email. Did their response fare any better?

Best start with the email…

Subject line: MultiChoice – PI general
Dear Mr Blevins
Thank you for your e-mail.
MultiChoice continues to provide compelling, entertaining and informative content that will enhance our subscribers viewing experience.
• Since April 2008 we have launched
o ESPN Classic 
o e -News
o Africa Magic +
o Nickelodeon
o Saffron TV
o BBC Entertainment, BBC Lifestyle and Culture, BBC Knowledge and  CBeebies
• Our interactive applications enhance our subscribers’ viewing experience and afford the viewer the opportunity to request further information.
• The VOD ( video on Demand ) service for Compact and Premium customers allows for catch up TV. 
• The PVR service enables customers to choose and view content and view content at their convenience.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards
Teboho Mabasa
MultiChoice Enquiries Team


Once again, a quite inoffensive email. It addresses me in person, thanks me for my email and tells me, in somewhat limited detail, about some of the services MultiChoice have to offer.


My email to them was constructive criticism surrounding their ‘Annual Price Adjustment Notification’. I mentioned very specific areas which highlighted areas in which they could improve their service.

This email response in no way relates to the email I sent them!

If you read the subject line ‘MultiChoice – PI General’ it’s is plainly evident that my email was pigeon holed and all I have been sent is a stock email. For goodness sake, at least amend the subject to remove the evidence that this is an off-the-shelf reply!

This, at best, is lazy (there’s that word again) customer service. They’ve not even taken the time to top and tail the message to make it more aligned to my enquiry, let alone write a bespoke response or, dare I say, take on board what I had to say and forward it to the appropriate person or department for further consideration/action.

On a more positive note

Thankfully, this email was constructed in a much more customer-oriented manner. The HTML template they’ve used for the response has some redeeming features.

First off, they’ve personalised to the email!

Also, at the foot (although lost below the fold!) are links to some of their key services such as:

  • Online account access
  • Decoder installation services
  • FAQs
  • Contact centres
  • Fax(!) numbers
  • Postal address

All valuable information for the client. This kind of information should be persistent across all of their communications.

It shouldn’t be used selectively. I suppose it’s just cynical of me to suggest that these details were left off an email pertaining to price increases!

It’s not that hard!

Good email marketing is about consistency of:

  • Brand
    Creates the right impression
  • Personalisation
    Make the recipient feel warm and fuzzy
  • Message
    Match the content to the expectations of the subscriber
  • Promotion
    Promote other relevant products and services. Email is always an opportunity provide additional information
  • Touch points
    Make contacting you easy. We all want to take the path of least resistance – so make finding account access, website links, phone and fax(!) numbers, email addresses etc, as simple as possible

All of the above can be achieved quickly and cheaply.

Rocket science it isn’t. Good emarketing practice it is.


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